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We will win | Royalty Free deep house Music | Filmtv-tracks

Upbeat and driving lounge EDM featuring an energetic DANCE beat, powerful male vocal, fresh synth bright retro electric guitar Super groove that creates motivational proud and happy mood. Ideal for commercials, promos, cosmetics, fashion shows. if you need something to Inspire and impress your audience, Male Vocals, Dance, Dance-Pop – Deep house music

Gravitation (vocal version) powerful and futuristic epic orchestral

Powerful and futuristic epic hybrid orchestral piece with grimy sound design filled with Deep emotions – superhero theme with triumphant choir, female vocal, intense and heroic expressive string and epic brass arrangements, thundering impacts, modern electronic rhythms, incisive synth bass elements, pitch-dark ambiences, suspenseful reverses, evolving and spacious pads and razor-sharp fx.  

Gravity of hope, An inspiring, beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piano piece

An inspiring, beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piano piece with poignant stacatto strings. perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects! One for all the moments of hope, strenght, inspiration, wonder, pride and dedication- Slow piano track with a bright and tragic melody. Ideal for drama or documentary. If you like thomas newman, hans zimmer this […]