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TV Commercial Music – 5 Uplifting Inspiring Happy acoustic guitar tracks













Needing a Happy acoustic guitar track for your TV advertisements?

In this post, we’ve rounded up the 5 best tracks of the month to give your TV advertising an uplifting, warm and inspiring feeling. These pieces are very suitable as background for advertising / commercials, corporate themes.
Put a splash of breezy acoustic guitar in your video projects or commercials, presentations.
These acoustic compositons are gentle an thoughtful.

Acoustic Uplifting Guitar

happy and bright acoustic guitar piece. Inspiring, uplifting and motivational track. Perfect for tv COMMERCIALS, CORPORATE and all your media projects.

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Free Wind

Fresh sounding acoustic acoustic guitar. A happy and optimistic, positive melody perfect for for tv commercial or for videos that needs to evoke happiness – Bouncy and lighthearted.

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Acoustic Journey

A beautiful acoustic guitar ballad featuring orchestral sounds filled with touching emotions.Melodic, positive with bright skies. Ideal for tv commercial, romance, tender moments, Nature, big spaces, travel; Innocence scenes, wedding & historical.

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Incredible Sky

Traditional yet contemporary NEO FOLK that will bring the roots back to your project. Add a whiff of simple charm with a mellow acoustic guitar rhythm with mandolin, ukulele and more, or get feet stomping with this fresh sounding folk-pop track- Earthy and building, a piece that create a proud, enthusiastic mood. excellent for TV commercial nature, discovery, family, romance, country scenes

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To the sun

A mellow upbeat indie folk tune with acoustic guitar as the leading instrument and whistling.
An upbeat, inspirational, bouncy & joyful track that will work well for advertising / commercials, or even corporate themes.

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10 Modern uplifting and inspiring corporate tracks to energize your project

Here is our selection of 10 modern uplifting and inspiring corporate tracks that will bring optimism and blue sky to your project. Every creative project needs a great track, Filmtvtracks helps video creators to be successful scoring a video, a tv advertising or multimedia presentation

Focus of Excellence

Corporate Instrumental with a strong Motivational & Uplifting mood. an inspiring and intelligent corporate piece with a positive and inspirational vibe. Modern, classy, energizing and confident music. Perfect for advertising, technological innovations, presentation and more

Bright Summer

Upbeat Motivational Inspiring Corporate & Uplifting composition with fresh sounding designed for TV advertising, branding, corporate presentations, innovative videos and more

Creative Day
Inspiring and Motivational piece that is ideal for advertising and promotions. The track is very uplifting and positive. Quirky, fresh and young. celesta, acoustic guitars, piano . optimistic sunny skies, perfect day. Perfect for corporate and tv advertising.

Bright and building, featuring energetic positive guitar and driving drums that create a triumphant, hopeful and uplifting mood. Coldplay, likes. ideal for commercials, corporate, youth- Uplifting and motivational piece- Perfectly suits to underscore scenes to encourage motivation and positivity.

A Very positive and Inspiring piece with sparkling HARMONIC guitars and delays. Stylish, confident and successful. this song gives a sense of achievement, success and corporate spirit with a pop/rock-influenced driving beat. Perfect for corporate, branding, innovative videos and tv commercial.

Upbeat Corporate Uplifting Motivational & Inspiring piece specially designed for branding, corporate presentations, innovative videos, technological presentations.

Inspiring Ideas
Inspiring and uplifting piece, Happy and melodic Bright theme with piano, soaring strings, GUITAR and a driving beat. hopeful, Motivational, Proud, Noble, powerful and confident. Corporate and Motivational Music. excellent for corporate, tv commercial, Branding, multimedia, public announcements.

Epic motivation
Original corporate music with powerful sound design, piano and strings. excellent for Television commercials and video game advertising campaigns. Hybrid orchestration-

Passion For Excellence
Fresh sounding piece, melodic & positive outlook.
Building & Uplifting, modern with piano, arpegios. International colourful background,
Leading, Encouraging, Motivational, Educational,Financial Excellent for corporate, branding, tv commercial, public announcements.

Someting Creative
Flowing and warm, featuring pulsing electronic elements, warm piano and electric guitar that creates aN UPLIFTING, proud, hopeful mood. A fresh and clean track perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects!
Building with floating synth textures.

Ultimate Inspiration
A light and pulsing introduction leads to warm piano, soothing strings
and an upbeat Pop/rock groove that creates a proud and confident mood.
A fresh and clean track perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects!
Building with floating synth textures. Uplifting and motivational piece in the vein of Coldplay’s Clocks.


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10 Energetic Upbeat Pop rock tracks that will empower your TV commercial










Music is an essential part of TV Advertising, it empowers a brand identity, motivates potential buyers and inevitably increases sales. Give impact to your TV commercial with these Energetic Upbeat Powerful and Indie Rock tracks 

 Energetic Powerful Rock

Upbeat and energetic rock piece featuring fresh and catchy guitar hook, indie style composition. Strong beat with claps and stomps that give a great dose of confidence and power to this music. Ideal For TVadvertising.

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Energetic Rock

Powerful energetic and upbeat indie rock music with powered distortion electric guitars, male vocal and Powered drums with claps and stomps. Empower your TV commercial with this piece Perfect to create a high energy and playful mood.

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Powerful Energetic Rock

Energetic upbeat indie rock track with powered guitar riffs. Strong beat and claps. Will work well for TV commercial

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Positive Energy Upbeat pop (with vocal)

Happy and Energetic upbeat pop track with a positive and uplifting feel. A fun and positive Vibe, Excellent for Tv commercials, promos, Campaigns, Summer vacation and more –

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Uplifting upbeat Energy (with vocal)

Fun Energetic upbeat pop summer track with a happy motivational and uplifting feel.

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Indie Rock Star

Driving and energetic uplifting , featuring overdrive electric guitar, claps, pop vocals, whisthling that create a cheerful and happy mood. Upbeat Energetic Uplifting Pop

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Acoustic Uplifting Guitar

Beautiful acoustic piece. Upbeat Indie Folk piece that is Inspiring, uplifting and motivational. Perfect for tv COMMERCIALS, CORPORATE and all your media projects.

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Energetic Percussions (140 bpm)

Energetic and upbeat percussion composition with stomps, claps, sticks, taikos, snaps and powerful cinematic and percussive drum ensembles.

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The sun will Shine

Upbeat pop indie rock track with a positive and uplifting feel withs vocal “ohs” and “heys”. gtr arpegios and layers, positive Vibe. This Upbeat and Inspiring Corporate music is Excellent for Tv commercials, promos, Campaigns, Summer vacation and more

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Upbeat Claps and Stomps

Fun Upbeat and energetic pop rock piece featuring fresh and catchy guitar hook, stomps and claps, piano, indie style vocal elements . A cheerful and Enthusiastic track excellent for tv advertising and all your media projects.

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Bright Energy (with vocal)

Bright and uplifting theme. intelligent music that motivates, captivates and inspires a definite sense of confidence, excellence and success. Ideal for tv commercials, corporate branding, ad campaign, new product, commercial advertising, Trade shows, high tech, science – A powerful Coldplay ‘Clocks’ style piece with many U2 elements such as echo guitars. Bring a powerful, yet positive, warm and intimate feeling to your production with this Upbeat and Inspiring Corporate music.

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Wheels keep turning

Upbeat and energetic rock track featuring catchy guitar hook, southern indie style vocal elements and whistling. Strong beat with stomps and claps- catchy chorus with background vocal hooks. Full of energy and attitude, and perfect for advertising, commercials and promotional videos.

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Epic Trailer

An inspiring, energising and uplifting full orchestral piece that is EPIC and HEROIC perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood. Starting with a simple and memorable STRINGS melody, this full-length track progresses to reach a powerful and inspiring conclusion with anthem-style percussion. Suitable for ADVERTISING, corporate branding, video games, trailers, corporate presentations, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, explainers or any uplifting and inspirational project!

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