We provide trailer music with a solid “overall” sound and feel to music supervisors

Prophecy, specifically designed for the unique needs of movie trailers, television advertising and video games

Prophecy was composed for motion picture and television advertising campaigns, films, games, online media.

Whether it’s a blockbuster, a family-friendly movie or an emotional film, This Epic hybrid collection of tracks has everything you need to boost your next trailer  from powerful hybrid sound design, agressive, sinister, Massive hits, to hollywood strings, epic choirs, mega horns, risers, impacts, big wooshes and percussive drums .Loaded with fierce, hard-hitting and apocalyptic sounds from the depth of hell.

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Music means something different to all us, whether we are aware of what it means in particular to us or not.  For most of us, it acts as an escape in which we will feel free from a lot of the things that makes feel the most vulnerable.  Music choice, however, is something that is deeply personal and many people feel very connected to the music that they choice.  Movie scores are much the same way, and we are all about creative emotive soundtracks that can be used to all of the biggest moves that are hitting the theatres today like Star Wars: Rogue One, Sing, Passengers, and Moana.  If you want a look into what makes music as bold as it is, Prophecy has some great numbers to share with you.  Here are 12 of the best to hep bring your movie to life:


  1. Act of Courage: Starting with a ominous and destructive string base, this is a song that is all about how strength can be taken from the darkest moments and hardest problems that you are going to be through. Like the birth of an hero, this song is all about embracing with the courageous parts of your personality and going out there and taking on what is standing in front of you.  If you need motivation, this is a great theme for it.
  2. Defend Yourself: The perfect blend of melancholy and an strong blend of gentle strength, this song is about reaching into your world and drawing strength from inside you when the moment comes to face your enemy and make the most out of what you have. It’s a high energy and emotional song that features theme of love and dedication to keeping yourself strong.  With a steady beat that is motivational, it’s great for those intense scenes where you need a energizing theme for protecting what is dearest to you.
  3. From Dust to Life: A song about imagination, captivation, thought process, emotion, and making something out of nothing, this is a gentle theme that features all of the aspects that you need to move into a world where creation comes through. This is perfect for those scenes where you need something illustration creation and development in a safe spot.  You can almost see your brain working faster and flitting from idea to idea as you listen to it.  Imagine it on screen.
  4. Infiltration: If you need a powerful song that is about scoping out the enemy and putting all of the energy you’ve got into getting out of the world and making sure that you are equipped for taking on all of the tasks sitting in front of you, this is certainly the one for the task. It is fast, motivational and full of the themes that you are looking for in your creative life.  You can picture how it’ll work in your head on screen.
  5. Out of the Shadows: This is a song about going through with what you need to do in a way that is going to benefit everyone. It talks to you about strength and energy and helping you realize your full potential in all that you are working on.  You need to see yourself as a strong character, and this is a song that is all about overcoming your problems and in powerful song with the full orchestration that you’re looking for.
  6. Prophecy: With a full beat and a destructive grunge feel to it, this song is full of frantic energy that makes it the perfect illustrational piece that can help you take your movie scene to the next level, whether you can see it in your head you are still forming it all over together.
  7. Return of the Forgotten: This is a brave song about those characters that are coming back from a spot where they were almost forgotten about. You can take this and do so much with it. It is perfectly meshed between sad and powerful.  You can use this as your main theme in just about anything and it will satisfy your needs.
  8. Rise Above: For a powerful song about taking on everything in front of you even when you are fearful of what it is sitting in front of you, this is a great idea to really consider for your scene. It works as character or task-based and it will give you everything you need to see it unfolding in front of you.
  9. Undercover: A song of motivation and dedication for all of the things that need to be done, this is a great score option for any tricky scene where all little things have to come together such as – like the name suggests – an undercover scene. It is ready for those intense scenes that will keep you in good humour.
  10. We Have No Fear: A theme that is all about rolling your sleeves and facing a task in front of you with the motivation that you know how you are going to make it all work for you, this is great for those scenes where you characters are putting together their plan and getting everything ready for the battle is going to be heading their way.
  11. We The Brave: Looking for a theme that is all about inner strength and determination? This is a fierce theme that will keep you going as you are acting out these tough moments and looking for something that is going to keep you moving in the right direction.
  12. We Will Live: A song all about survival in one form or another, this is a fantastic option for those “down and out” scenes where you characters need to find a way to get out of a tricky situation. It says that they are in need of some help and some support, but they’ve got all of the characteristics that they need to make it through the hardest parts that they are going to encounter.  A great message for anyone who is struggling with something.


Everyone has a different idea in mind when it comes to music, but all 12 of these versatile and diverse tracks give you a different look into music scores and movie soundtracks.  Prophesy is epic/dramatic  and an all-inclusive soundtrack would be the perfect album that is rich with motivational, powerful, deep, determined threads that are all linked together with an epic touch of motivational energy.  Inspiring, Entertaining, Motivating and Hearrwarming.

Prophecy was specifically designed for the unique needs of movie trailers, television advertising and video games …

Why Does A Music Supervisor Have An Important Role?


You’re watching a movie in a theatre with your friends and you are totally engrossed in it.  That’s mostly due to the fact that it’s good writing and a good looking actor or actress, but a reason that you are totally engrossed in the film that often goes unnoticed is the music.  Think about it.

If there’s a random salsa song in the middle of a sad scene…it’s going to throw you off and distract you from what you’re watching, right?  As such, choosing the right music at the right levels for those scenes is critical to the movie’s overall effect.  That job belongs to the music supervisor.  Here’s everything you need to know about the job of a music supervisor on a movie.


  • It’s often post-production

While there are some movies that require a soundtrack/musical score song to be played during the scene to make sure it is acted correctly, majority of the music that you are hearing is applied to the movie after the fact – or, post-production.  So, while a movie is being filmed, the music supervisor’s job is to get a feel for the movie, the atmosphere, and choose the perfect soundtrack for each minute of film.  As you can imagine, it can be an intimidating job at many points.


  • A lot of it is a gut feeling

Despite what many music supervisors like to think, a lot of what they do comes from a gut feeling.  They’ll know what the right song is, often times, when they see a finished scene post-production.  They’ll watch the scene and hear the perfect corresponding song in their head.  It’s similar to a “Eureka moment” that many creative souls have at certain points in their career paths.

There is training to be a music supervisor, of course, and a lot of what they do comes from having access to a vast music library in their memories.  As such, hearing the fresh and new music is a very important part of being a music supervisor.


  • Gaining the rights to a song can be hard

As you may know, many of the songs that are in films – even if it’s just the main theme – are from other means.  So, the music supervisor has the perfect song in mind for a scene, but the tricky part of the job comes when they have to approach the proper people to see if they can buy the rights to the song they want to use so that it can be featured in the movie.  As you can imagine, sometimes buying the license to a song can be expensive work.  This often means that the “music budget” has to be rather high to make sure that the licenses for the perfect songs can be bought without compromising on a second music choice.

The music supervisor is a key player in selecting licensed music such as Premium Royalty Free Music


  • They do the dirty work with clearance

There can often be a lot of “nickle and diming” when looking at going through music clearance.  This is because many of the famous artists out there who own the songs (or the record labels behind them) will try to get the largest amount of the money they can for their song.  When a music supervisor is fighting to get a dozen songs, all of which expect a large payout, working with a budget can be really tricky work.  It’s also a really frustrating job when it doesn’t go according to plan.

  • They need a lot of creative license

In order to do their job right, a music supervisor needs a lot of freedom to scan through the song library in order to find the perfect one.

As mentioned, this is often a “gut feeling”, and the music supervisor will know when s/he’s picked the right song for that particular scene.  When someone in this position finds that their creative freedom is being limited, however, it can often be endlessly frustrating, because the production supervisor or the director are not seeing things the same way.  As the director and producer have the last word on what goes into the movie, many music supervisors are told to pick a “more preferred” song for a scene, even if it’s not the right one, or the one that the music supervisor would have picked to set the mood correctly.


The best producers and directors out there simply give the music supervisor a great budget tell them to do whatever they want.  They understand that it’s a creative process that requires a lot of work and intuition that only a music supervisor has.  Those are the ones that every music supervisor loves to work for.


  • They’re the first ones to get blamed for a scene falling flat

Despite the fact that the director may overrule a music supervisor’s decision, the music supervisor is always the one who gets blamed for when a scene in a movie doesn’t go over well.  As mentioned at the beginning, you don’t notice the music until it is distracting, and the music supervisor’s job is to make sure that you don’t consciously notice the music at all – that’s how one knows they’ve done their job correctly.

A music supervisor can often face a lot of reprimand from directors and producers if a scene doesn’t go across to the audience correctly…even if the problem was the actors or another element, entirely.

Suffice to say, being a music supervisor can often be a tricky job, but it is just as often rewarding for those who have a passion for the job.  It is exhilarating for them, and each music supervisor knows the importance of their job, even if the audience doesn’t always recognize the importance of the job themselves.

When that next sad scene comes on in the next movie you watch and makes you cry, consider the fact that the reason you’re crying is because the movie scene is accompanied by the perfect sad song to elicit those tears in the first place…

The Role of the Music Supervisor in Film, Television, and Advertising.

Above all, Music supervisors oversee the music-related aspects of films, television, advertising and video games. They are qualified professionals in charge of interpreting the producer’s vision, finding the perfect track, and negotiating contracts and publishing deals for the film’s music with the composers/artists

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Trailer music is powerful, Epic and Cinematic

When you sit down to watch a movie, whether it’s on TV or at the cinema, you will no doubt come across the trailers for other movies that are coming on TV or out in the cinema soon.

These trailers are usually action packed and go to show you the key parts of the movie that the directors want to try and show off; but if you think about any good trailer out there, the main thing that people tend to remember is the music!



Speaking to friends afterwards about the trailer, if you cannot remember the name you will no doubt be able to remind them of how the trailer music actually went! It’s important, then, to try and remember just how important the audio side of things can be when you are trying to make something really stand out.

The work that goes into creating unique trailer music is completely independent of the movie itself; it’s no something that you just decide to go with or hope for the best on, or even steal from the film. Most of the time, good trailer music will be uniquely composed for that trailer to expose the themes, emotions and energies behind the movie itself.

In a way, trailer music can be used to help set the tone for the thought process on the movie; without audio, it would just be muted scenes that would be hard to gauge.

With the help of some trailer music, though, things become far more engaged! It helps to create that element of hype of power, around any element of the trailer itself. By shining a light on the atmosphere of what is supposed to be conveyed form what you are seeing on the screen, trailer music can be the perfect icing on the cake for any trailer that feels it needs to stand out a little bit more. The composition style from trailer music to normal music is completely different, and tends to be built around a very meticulous style of work that makes every single second count

Trailer music is powerful

You might have a main theme song for the movie already, but it shouldn’t double as your trailer music; having a snippet from a song isn’t nearly as powerful as being able to call upon the unique sounds of trailer music. It helps to create a unique style of interaction with the audience that a typical song that is ripped for the trailer simply would not usually be able to attain, not with so much power and ease. Trailer music can be the difference between being remembered and researched by a viewer, or being forgotten about completely.


Capturing the emotions

BUSINESS is based around helping to make sure that trailer music remains one of the standout aspects of any trailers that come out through creating epic music that’s built around capturing the emotions and attention of the audience. When music shines together and really sounds as it should, it can help empower the visuals so much more to create the perfect artistic experience; this is what we look to do with any trailer music that we take on.

We provide trailer music with a solid “overall” sound and feel to music supervisors

Trailer music has the Epic and futuristic cinematic flair of music  Perfect for movie trailer, game or youtube video project.


La musique de bande annonce ou trailer music

La musique de bande annonce ou trailer music

La musique de bande annonce ou trailer music joue un rôle vital dans la promotion d’un film. En moins de 2 m, la musique de bande annonce doit transmettre l’essence même du film avec des scènes stratégiquement bien choisies afin de capturer l’attention du spectateur.
Très souvent la musique de bande annonce ne fait pas partie de la bande originale du film, elle est composée par des librairies musicales spécialisées ou compositeurs indépendants juste avant la sortie du film.

A noter qu’à ce titre Thomas bergersen auteur du morceau Final frontier n’est pas présent dans la B.O. officielle du film Interstellar, composée par Hans Zimmer. C’est souvent le cas pour la trailer music de blockbusters, puisque les grandes agences font appel pour les trailers à des librairies musicales spécialisées dans cet incontournable exercice marketing.
Le choix de la musique de la bande annonce doit être parfait car il véhicule le message nécessaire au succès du film.

La musique de bande annonce est créée pour transporter l’auditeur et impacter la puissance des images du film.
La musique de bande-annonce ou trailer music est souvent orchestrale incluant de puissantes sections de cuivres, des cordes voluptueuses, des percussions massives et de nombreux fx comme les wooshes, les rise, hits, stabs…
Pour répondre à une forte demande des fans de musique épique, les producteurs de musique de bande distribuent leurs albums numériquement via Itunes, cdbaby ou Amazon. Pour un usage personnel voire même une vidéo sur youtube, viméo ou facebook, nos albums sont disponibles chez https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/danfoster9

« Mission completed » Musique libre de droit idéale pour les scènes d’action et d’espionnage, ce titre s’inspire du célèbre feuilleton americain  » Mission impossible » thème iconique composé par Lalo Shiffrin et repris par d’autres célèbres compositeurs de films Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, et Michael Giacchino. Idéal pour le film d’action et d’aventure.

« Acoustic Journey » est une musique pop confiante et ensoleillée avec de belles guitares acoustiques, un piano et des percussions légères. ce morceau est un pur régal, il est réconfortant et positif. Il convient parfaitement pour la vidéo le voyage,  l’exploration, la nature ou même des images romantiques.

« Deliverance » Morceau pour orchestre héroïque qui évolue lentement en intensité jusqu’à atteindre une explosion symphonique épique. Un thèeme séduisant est rejoint par des cordes pincées, des cuivres puissants, des chœurs angéliques, des toms et percussions de guerre. l’ambiance est Triomphante, cinématographique et audacieuse. cette musique libre de droit est parfaite pour le film de super héro.

« Happy Ukulele » Une mélodie lumineuse et souriante jouée avec un véritable ukulele, un sifflet humain, un glockenspiel, des claps, une basse acoustique et un piano. le morceau est original et énergique, le thème accrocheur est plein de lumière et de joie de vivre. Choisissez cette musique libre de droit pour votre prochaine vidéo.

« Django swing » Une musique libre de droit  jazz charmante et innocente avec de vrais instruments et une superbe ambiance, une touche swing ou jazz maouche proche d’une valse jouée au piano, basse acoustique et  batterie avec des balais brosses.Une musique inspirante et optimiste au tempo moyen idéal comme toile de fond pour la présentation d’un nouveau produit. Ce morceau motivant   et positif est idéal pour une utilisation en entreprise ou une publicité télévisuelle.
« Fly High » musique d’entreprise inspirante et motivante qui apporte un sentiment de puissance, d’espoir et de réussite. Ce morceau d’entreprise positif s’adapte à tout film institutionnel. la musique commence avec un thème accrocheur jouée au piano accompagné par des cordes riches en harmonie, le morceau continue et monte en intensité et se construit avec des tambours et des guitares légères.

« Streets of tomorow » est une musique de rock indépendant composée et arrangée dans l’esprit U2. Ce morceau original est une source d’inspiration motivante. Avec un rythme prospère et un piano sous-jacent d’espoir, il est parfait pour la publicité, les vidéos sur youtube ou le lancement d’un nouveau produit sur internet.


« Rock energy » musique originale avec un thème puissant et accrocheur, en quelques secondes la montée d’adrénaline est inévitable. L’esprit est jeune et emballé lui donne un coté rebelle grâce aux guitares électriques saturées, le rythme est rapide et soutenu par une solide ligne de basse. Cette piste vous poussera à bord et à l’extérieur de votre zone de confort. Parfait pour le sport, les voitures, et autres contenus nécessitant de l’énergie positive.

« Defiance theme  » L’intro mystérieuse et inspirante évolue dans une pièce orchestrale puissante avec des stacatto de cordes joués comme une pulsation hypnotique . sur un ryhtme très percussif. Il s’accumule à un arrangement orchestral symphonique très hollywoodien avec une mélodie forte et heroique de premier plan. excellent pour les scènes d’action, d’aventure, de suspense dans la lignée de James Newton Howard.

La musique japonaise dans les jeux vidéo

Si je vous dis musique et plombiers moustachus, entendez-vous les quelques premiers bits de musique du célèbre soft de la NES de chez Nintendo ? Pour les plus jeunes, peut-être que ces notes sont un peu différentes, mais la musique tient une place prépondérante dans les jeux vidéos en général, et japonais en particuliers.

Le paysage musical nippon

La musique japonaise traditionnelle est bien présente dans les jeux vidéos japonais, et se retrouve plus dans des titres comme Shogun Total War ou Okami. Par contre le genre ultra populaire chez les 60 ans et plus, soit 30% de la population, le enka n’est pas à la fête chez Sony ou Nintendo.

Le principal courant musical dans de nombreux softs actuels est la J-Pop ou pop japonaise qui englobe autant les bando comme AKB48, que les descendants de Kiss du visual, ou les chanteurs et groupes des 30 dernières années. Ce genre musical se propage souvent à travers les différents titres issus des mangas comme Pokemon, Dragon Ball ou Naruto : ils reprennent souvent la musique de l’anime orginal.

Des mélodies variées

Le shamisen, taiko ou shakuhachi sont les principaux instruments reconnaissables dans les jeux proposant une musique dite traditionnelle. L’ambiance zen est clairement perceptible et se fond à merveille avec les thèmes oniriques, l’honneur, l’art japonais traditionnel des estampes comme dans Okami ou les paysages naturels calmes et ouverts.

Bien entendu, des musiques ont été aussi crées spécifiquement pour le jeu vidéo. Sur les premières consoles toute la mélodie reposait sur quelques sons ou bits – vu que l’information complexe ne pouvait pas être stockée. Cela n’a pas empêché les japonais de faire des mélodies accrocheuses et mémorables comme celle de Super Mario Bros, Tetris, Double Dragon ou Super Mario Kart. Dans les titres plus récents et les licences à succès, on note que la musique est une des clefs de leur popularité.


La musique : marquer les esprits et une génération

Ainsi que serait la licence Final Fantasy sans ses thèmes musicaux puissants comme celui de Sephirot dans FFVII ou les pistes oniriques des différents Zelda – dont celui réservé à la musique et à l’instrument japonais ocarina ? Ces musiques cultes font perdurer le mythe et ajoutent une plus value inégalée à l’expérience de jeu – on ne s’identifie pas qu’aux personnages ou aux lieux mais aussi au son. Un bon jeu comprend donc une bande sonore culte – hormis cas exceptionnel.

Ces musiques japonaises de jeux vidéos inspirent désormais les jeunes artistes en quête de reconnaissance sur le Net et c’est tant mieux.

Trailer Music – Ces Musiques de Bande Annonce qui nous font Vibrer

Vous en conviendrez, les musiques de bande annonce (ou trailer music) comptent parmi les seules qui nous ont toujours donné des frissons, et ce n’est pas prêt de s’arrêter… Surtout lorsque vous découvrirez ces quelques musiques de bande annonce que nous avons sélectionné pour vous, sensations garanties :

Days of Creation

Que dire…? Waouh. Days of Creation est la musique de bande annonce indispensable à tous vos trailers. Profonde et intrigante, cette musique de bande annonce s’adaptera parfaitement à vos projets où mystères et actions effrénées s’enchaînent rapidement. Enfin une musique de bande annonce (trailer music) qui saura envoûter votre auditoire du début à la fin. Days of Creation est une musique parfaitement adaptée à votre bande annonce pour des films sur des thèmes comme l’espace, le monde et la vie.

Ashes and Dust

Dotée d’un design sonore épique et percutant, cette musique de bande annonce est un réel plaisir pour les audiophiles. C’est un véritable chef-d’œuvre, elle va crescendo, rythmée par des basses biens appuyées qui se chargeront d’éveiller vos émotions. Laissez-vous emporter dans l’aventure Ashes and Dust, où règne une ambiance digne des plus grands trailers. Une musique de bande annonce (trailer music) qui saura sublimer vos images et couper le souffle de vos spectateurs.

Forgotten promise

Douce, calme et élégante… Forgotten Promise est une musique de bande annonce (trailer music) paisible et harmonieuse. Elle insufflera aux spectateurs de votre trailer une merveilleuse sensation de détente. À la frontière du réel, cette musique saura satisfaire les amoureux de musiques envoûtantes et chargées d’émotions. Une trailer music qui s’accordera à la perfection avec de belles images de bande annonce, ou les sentiments se mêlent à l’intrigue.


Comme son nom l’indique… c’est d’enfer. Un monstre de puissance brute. Les riffs ultra rock de cette musique de bande annonce couplés aux percussions explosives font d’Inferno un trailer music idéal pour tous vos trailers d’action et de combat. Une musique de trailer qui prend aux tripes, dès les premiers instants. Un son d’une brutalité incroyable, qui ravira vos spectateurs en quête d’adrénaline et de sensations fortes. Rythmez vos trailers de combat, en alternant slow motion et actions rapides, et transcendez votre audience.

N’hésitez pas à consulter toutes les autres musiques de bande annonce (trailer music) disponibles sur cette page. Pour que votre trailer soit une réelle réussite, offrez-lui la musique qu’il mérite.


Albums épiques disponibles

Albums épiques disponibles

Pour les fans de musique épique (aventure, action, fantastique).

Les albums sont enfin disponibles sur le site WWW.TRAILERSOUND.NET

Découvrez les sans attendre !



The high impact of movie trailer music

The high impact of movie trailer music

Ever since the turn of the century, the power of trailer music has become more apparent than ever. Cinematic grandeur has become the norm these days rather than the exception, and it shows in the incredibly quality of audio that we see today in trailers and previews for new media.

Trailer music is typically created just for the use in that specific trailer, and will be a significant backdrop that matches the theme and ideal of the media that it is trying to portray.

It’s a massively emotional musical track and can be the perfect way to help push the effect and drama of any release that is coming out. Trailer music becoming more popular has coincided with the growth of social media and online media; with trailers now easily found on YouTube and other similar online media to be shared with ease, getting that distinct sound is very important for companies.

Trailer music helps to sell everything as an overall package, and with trailers being viewed more than ever today it makes it extra important to have a distinctive and unique sound to go with the trailer.

You will find that trailer music is commonly used by many different people – because it’s such a hugely powerful style of music that usually captures something very specific, it’s become something that just about every media production is using.

After all, if you can have some bespoke music that sounds like it’s the perfect fit for whatever it is you are trying to convey, why wouldn’t you want to do that?

Here is a list of just some of the businesses and industries that have been using the immense power of trailer music for quite some time throughout their own advertising and media campaigns in recent years;

Video game developers – being able to create a beat that matches the game can be a hugely powerful way to attract attention

  • TV Shows – When it comes to promoting a TV show, it’s always helpful to have a musical backing track that goes with the setting of the show. Whether it’s a funky comedy or a deep, dark horror it always helps to have the accompanying music bang on
  • Advertisements – Again, a quick advertisement needs to be able to sell quickly; therefore, the music has to be catchy and unique enough to capture the attention of others
  • Sports – This is a huge part of it today; sports has become more prominent in the media than ever and being able to sell the biggest showdown of the season with some dramatic music always helps to get it moving!
  • Movies – Selling a movie with a unique sound and style to it is far easier than selling a movie with just a basic soundtrack to it, right?

Even things like the news and documentaries can use the power of trailer music to get some extra sales and attention. It’s the most powerful way to get people turning up and looking at the TV or taking their eyes away from the article they were reading online – it captures the senses and can be the big promotional tool needed to get those extra views or sales!

Filmtv-tracks is a music library that provides high impact trailer music for motion picture advertising. Our compositions have traditional orchestral instruments mixed with modern electronic elements. Specializing in Epic Adventure Action Drama Fantasy and emotional genres,


Epic trailer music for motion picture and tv commercials


Awakening 2.06- Subtle strings with a driving force play to the exiting rhythm of transporting you through an epic adventure. This fast paced orchestral piece sits right on the edge of disaster leaning forward more and more as you go.

Deliverance 1.25- A true orchestral masterpiece, Deliverance brings you to the moment right after an epic battle, the victors standing proudly. A proud piece with brave horns in the background and a solid, but broken ending.

In the Beginning 3.40- Subtle orchestral opening with a fast paced feel, as if you were right on the edge of an incredible journey and leading you right to the fall. Over the edge, the flowing strings build you up to the main event and bring you right back to a hard-hitting longing for more.

Lord of Light 2.00- War is on the horizon and the solid brass lines bring it right through. A sudden stop builds up the suspense for the drop, signifying the first round has been fired and the struggle is on its way with a whole new piece.

Spirit Legion 1.32- Quick and agile strings build up the thick brass lines bringing about a steady drum and singing trumpets. An intense drop and build pulls the harrowing vocals out of the background and throws them into the spotlight creating a unique piece that has you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Casus Belli – Traiiler cut- An adventure is on the horizon – but not one that you want to undertake. You’re a Middle Ages assassin fighting your way through the Middle East to get to your target. The operatic vocals bring about your fear of the unknown, while your heart rate increases as your journey begins. We shall defend our country whatever the cost may be, and we shall never choose the path of submission

Glorious Brothers 3.00-Camaraderie is what’s on your mind all the time – these men are your brothers. The patriotic horns and steady military beat bring about your sense of pride, especially for your fallen and the choir sings of your adventures while you think back to your family of soldiers. The cost of freedom is always high, but we have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose is the path of surrender.

We shall defend our country whatever the cost may be, and we shall never choose the path of submission

Invisbile Power 2.08 -An epic choir singing in the middle of the cathedral brings about the beginning of this piece and the barreling horns and steady strings create the sense of urgency – something is about to happen. Hard rock guitars start a sword fight between two Spaniards while the choir sings on.

The triumph of light 2.14- Intense, building piano lines give way to the deep strings creating a haunting melody. Heart beat drums set the pace for this piece until the horns take it away and propel you into a vision of the peace that might just be.

A powerful story 2.46-The steady strings bring about the sense of a story needing to be told. Haunting vocals produce the journey of a lifetime that you can be a part of. Steady percussive drums give way to intense strings bringing about the end of this journey.

Planet Snow 3.30-A door opens to a barren wasteland where you must conquer, heart racing. The orchestra plays on, gaining in speed and intensity with a choral and horn interlude. An epic journey has come and gone.


Justice Mission 3.06-An intense stare is the way the piercing strings come through giving way and accompanying the intense bass and electro house drumbeat. A small break is all you get, as the muffled screams of the guitar break through to reveal a choir contrasting and complimenting the rest of the parts.


The power of trailer music

The power of trailer music

Trailer music; usually when you put trailer before something you imagine something just a little bit different; trailer park, trailer hitch, trailer park boys etc. and if we follow that line of thinking you’d be expecting banjos, a guitar and bucket being hit with a spoon. Well trailer music is something just a *tad* different, and in some cases, much, much different.

Most people imagine that when you are watching a movie trailer, TV show trailer or concert trailer you are hearing music from the actual production itself, but that is often not the case.
The majority of the time you are actually listening to music composed by someone completely apart from the production, and in some cases, music that had been composed prior to the trailer even being started called trailer music. Shocking right?
It fits so well! Well that’s because the composers produce this trailer music to fit a wide variety of different themes and styles to make it as versatile as possible.

Once you delve a little deeper into trailer music, you start to understand why it is becoming more and more popular. Because of its production quality and ease of use, these pieces are plug and play when you need a quick teaser trailer, or even a full-length trailer, making them a quick and easy alternative to custom music. But why don’t these multi-million dollar companies just commission original work for these trailers? Because it takes a special mind and way of thinking to compose these 2 minute on average, fully developing and complete pieces.
John Beal, a composer of over 2,000 different trailer music pieces, says that it “is something a lot of composers, including guys who are way better than I am … just can’t do” because of the difficulty in writing something that “develops so fully and extremely in two minutes” (The Guardian, 2011).

So yes it is a difficult thing to create on a whim, but who uses this pre-written trailer music and where do they find it? Well savvy reader, producers from all walks use it in lots of different circumstances like film trailers, TV promos and commercials or even in the shows themselves. Sports productions use trailer music for highlight reels, as do video games and more. They usually contact the people who run what’s called “trailer libraries” or the composers themselves.
These “trailer libraries” usually having a vast array of music to pick and choose from and they will license it out to be used by whoever is producing the trailer for various purposes, for a fee of course.
If you take a look at some of the huge libraries out there you will find things like action music, Brazilian beach, romance, adventure, sci-fi trailer music and more, all linking you to a multitude of music, each that can fit a variety of situations and trailers and all available for license. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me!
So in essence, trailer music is a versatile, vast, expanding business that produces music for motion picture advertising music production collective, specializing in original epic music and powerful sound design for theatrical trailers, television commercials and video game advertising campaigns.
The music is very adaptable, readily available and easy to use for all kinds of productions.
What more could you ask for?

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