Epic trailer music for motion picture and tv commercials


Awakening 2.06- Subtle strings with a driving force play to the exiting rhythm of transporting you through an epic adventure. This fast paced orchestral piece sits right on the edge of disaster leaning forward more and more as you go.

Deliverance 1.25- A true orchestral masterpiece, Deliverance brings you to the moment right after an epic battle, the victors standing proudly. A proud piece with brave horns in the background and a solid, but broken ending.

In the Beginning 3.40- Subtle orchestral opening with a fast paced feel, as if you were right on the edge of an incredible journey and leading you right to the fall. Over the edge, the flowing strings build you up to the main event and bring you right back to a hard-hitting longing for more.

Lord of Light 2.00- War is on the horizon and the solid brass lines bring it right through. A sudden stop builds up the suspense for the drop, signifying the first round has been fired and the struggle is on its way with a whole new piece.

Spirit Legion 1.32- Quick and agile strings build up the thick brass lines bringing about a steady drum and singing trumpets. An intense drop and build pulls the harrowing vocals out of the background and throws them into the spotlight creating a unique piece that has you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Casus Belli – Traiiler cut- An adventure is on the horizon – but not one that you want to undertake. You’re a Middle Ages assassin fighting your way through the Middle East to get to your target. The operatic vocals bring about your fear of the unknown, while your heart rate increases as your journey begins. We shall defend our country whatever the cost may be, and we shall never choose the path of submission

Glorious Brothers 3.00-Camaraderie is what’s on your mind all the time – these men are your brothers. The patriotic horns and steady military beat bring about your sense of pride, especially for your fallen and the choir sings of your adventures while you think back to your family of soldiers. The cost of freedom is always high, but we have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose is the path of surrender.

We shall defend our country whatever the cost may be, and we shall never choose the path of submission

Invisbile Power 2.08 -An epic choir singing in the middle of the cathedral brings about the beginning of this piece and the barreling horns and steady strings create the sense of urgency – something is about to happen. Hard rock guitars start a sword fight between two Spaniards while the choir sings on.

The triumph of light 2.14- Intense, building piano lines give way to the deep strings creating a haunting melody. Heart beat drums set the pace for this piece until the horns take it away and propel you into a vision of the peace that might just be.

A powerful story 2.46-The steady strings bring about the sense of a story needing to be told. Haunting vocals produce the journey of a lifetime that you can be a part of. Steady percussive drums give way to intense strings bringing about the end of this journey.

Planet Snow 3.30-A door opens to a barren wasteland where you must conquer, heart racing. The orchestra plays on, gaining in speed and intensity with a choral and horn interlude. An epic journey has come and gone.


Justice Mission 3.06-An intense stare is the way the piercing strings come through giving way and accompanying the intense bass and electro house drumbeat. A small break is all you get, as the muffled screams of the guitar break through to reveal a choir contrasting and complimenting the rest of the parts.