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We are happy to offer our Flash music player for websites . Try it out – it’s free!


The filmtv-tracks player is handy and flexible. You will love it !


  • XML Driven Playlist
  • Dynamic path to XML in HTML
  • Unlimited tracks ( mp3s)
  • Load Progress Indicator
  • Clickable Song List Selector
  • Album art thumbnail image (any size supported)
  • Supports audio streaming
  • Colors can be changed via XML
  • Generated Scrolling Song List
  • Track time display
  • Dragable Volume Bar
  • Graphic EQ Animation


My player does not work

Check the html code and path used pointing to the mp3s and images

What compatibility?

All HTML pages, hand published or CMS

Which browser to use?

Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera…

What Mp3 Compatibility?

Prefer Mp3s encoded at 44.1 khz

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