Staying safe using copyrighted music on youtube


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When it comes to making a video, one of the most important features isn’t just the visuals, but the audio as well. This is why finding music for videos can be so important; it elevates a video from being ‘good’ to ‘great’. However, finding free music for videos, or music that you have the right to use, is quite tough.

If you are looking to make your videos even better, then you should certainly be looking at the various forms of free traffic out there. Not sure how to find royalty free music for usage with your videos? Then let’s take a look at some of the most reliable ways on the market to get quality, optimized music.

Royalty Free music Sources.

One of the best ways is to visit depositories for royalty free music, such as FilmTVTracks. These resources ensure that you can pick up maximum quality audio that looks outstanding and gives you all the help that you need to find free music that you can make the most of. These are easy to use and can make sure that you have some kind of audio that fits with your videos theme and style in general.

With the help of FilmTVTracks, you can easily use the audio content that is on their site on videos posted on just about any medium, from Instagram, DailyMotion to Facebook and vimeo, and of course YouTube. All you need to do is put credit to FilmTVTracks in the description of your video or on your website, and you have total and free access to using this content!

Our website is very simple and intuitive, you can download the preview of any song. this song will be watermarked so you can test it in your video project


Staying safe using copyrighted music on youtube

However, some other important points that you should look into when it comes to finding quality music to use is very important to consider. It’s very easy to make a mistake when using music from other sources, so you should do what you can to avoid that, including:

  • For example, many people deal with copyrighted music that they have used without permission. This is obviously dangerous, and could get you into a lot of trouble. For that reason, you should always make sure that if you choose to utilize the music from YouTube that you really go that extra mile to ensure it is safe to be used.
  • If you use content that is not your own on YouTube, then you can find yourself in a lot of trouble. If you are going to use something you do not own the rights to, write a disclaimer in the video description. Make sure it’s clear that you do NOT have permission to the product, and if possible link to the actual holder of the content. A disclaimer can stop you from being pursued for intellectual property issues.

How to easily remove matched third party content on your youtube videos?

Having problem with a “matched third party content” videos uploaded? No worry at all, you can easily clear any potential ‘Third Party Content’ claims by youtube using our music. All you need to do is to tell Youtube “I have the appropriate license to utilize the music by [Artist Name] ” Filmtv-tracks.  Claims are usually cleared within 24 to 96 hours.

Monetization of your videos

You might hear people talking about monetizing your video. This is using the art of linking to advertised products that you either own and sell, or sell via an affiliate label. It gives you the chance to promote products, to allow advertising on your content and to utilize various forms of indirect advertising to accrue revenue based on views of your content and other various factors.

While usually very hard to nail down as an absolute, it can be a very powerful way to build a fresh income stream.

This is a great way to add professionalism and style to your video. Media needs video and audio to be at its best, so don’t stop at the half-way point and invest in some epic audio either free of charge or royalty free for the best presentation possible.

If you plan to use this music in your monetized YouTube videos or media, you must first purchase a license from filmtv-tracks. This is the best way to quickly remove a copyright claim as it will prevent any possible strikes against your YouTube videos.