10 Highly energetic cinematic percussion tracks for movie trailers

inspiring and motivational hollywood filmscore trailer.
perfect soundtracks for movies, TV advertising, games, trailers, teasers.









Action Strike Percussion

Agressive Percussion

Cinematic Percussion Trailer with aggressive, epic percussion, The ideal solution for sports, movies, trailers and tv advertising

Big Chinese Drums

Taikos and percussive percussions with hybrid Fx, whooshes and more. Original piece composed with various percussion such as big drums, toms, Timpani, dhol and taiko drums providing huge massive low end for battle drums

Brave Percussion

Strong and powerfully and epic cinematic drums with strong impact- Ideal for Suspense, tension, manhunt

Dynamic Percussion

Powerful multi-sectioned drum & percussion

Epic trailer Percussion

Heroic, epic, percussive, big drums taikos

Explosive Percussion

Explosive hammering percussion with big toms and strong taikos

Forceful Percussion

Highly energetic and dramatic, featuring driving percussion such as dumbek, darbuka, big drums, taikos, various snares, and a trailer rise at the end that creates tension and anticipation.

Hostile Percussion

Aggressive tribal drum hits with big ethnic percussion

Indigenous Percussion

Aggressive tribal drum hits

Revolt Percussion

Epic, agressive battlefield mood with massive, pounding percussion and fx

Royal Percussion

Powerful and catchy beat with cinematic percussions and Hybrid FX whooshes and stomps ! Perfect for Tv commercial, sports and movies

Tribal Percussion

Primal ritual jungle beat with pounding african percussions