Become a Great Video Editor: Tips and Techniques you Need to Know

It’s said that anyone can be a videographer, but only a professional can be a video editor.  While there are a few things that one would argue against that first part, it tends to be mostly true when you take a step back from it all and look at the results compared to starting points.  If you’re looking at your pile of video and audio and wondering what in the world you’re supposed to do – or you’re looking for additional tips on how to improve your editing experience – take a look at the tips that we’re going to be talking about below.  They’ll lead you to some great places.


Organize everything

This is the first step in making sure that you can make use of everything you have.  I get that organizing can sometimes be a black hole (especially for those that tend to go a little overboard), but it’s critical to make sure that you use everything you can and it’s easily accessible so that you can edit at will.  The last thing you want to be doing is going around and looking at everything, right?  As far as a system goes, use one that works for you.  Some like to sort by scene, date, location, etc.  Try out a couple until you find one that is easy to find everything.  The only recommended categories are that you separate your different mediums: audio, video, etc.

Every scene must be important

When you’re filming, you simply get down everything you think you’re going to need.  That’s a normal part of the process, but now you must make sure that you narrow down the footage so that each scene is shot from the perfect angle to make the most impact on your video.  Additionally, you may feel as though one or two scenes don’t actually fit into the video after all.  That’s normal and part of how it all works.  Don’t stress about it.  Just move on and create a good video.  Make sure every scene serves a purpose in your finished product in the best way.  Even if it means omitting perfectly good footage because it doesn’t fit quite right.  That’s part of being an artist – knowing what fits and what doesn’t.  Put your personal feelings towards the tossed work aside.

Think about your audience

Remember who you’re creating your video for.  If it’s for something formal, keep the cheeky transitions and comments to a minimum.  If it’s meant for YouTube fun and games, consider putting some attitude into your music or audio, etc.  Remember that you need to always make sure you keep your audience in mind when filming but also editing.  The finished product should frame the message and atmosphere of the video shots themselves.  Another thing is to make sure that your final product is perfect.  Now, don’t freak out.  In this case “perfect” means that your editing shouldn’t be visible.  All the audience should see is the superb filming and enjoying the background music and crisp audio.  You know you’ve done a good job when they don’t congratulate you on editing, but on your shooting.  This is a compliment, not an insult!  Only a fellow editor will understand the secret pain that it causes you not to point out how terrible that audio was before you fixed it, etc.

Choose your music carefully

Your music is often the hardest choice in editing a video.  It’s because it unintentionally sets the mood for the movie, and you want to make sure it’s the perfect choice.  If you choose something wrong, it’s jarring or distracting to the point of displeasure.  The best option is to take a look at the amazing royalty free music Filmtv-tracks is offering, through a series of various pop/rock music, everything from classical piano to epic orchestral soundtrack music scores.  You’ll find something in that vast music library that you can use to create a great backdrop and compliment the video instead of distracting from it.  Have your top three options and make sure you try each one with the finished product.  One will feel right, even if it’s frustrating to have to do the work.  You need to make sure it’s the right choice, or it’ll negatively impact your video and leave it lacking something, even if your audience can’t quite put their finger on it.

Step away from it every once in a while

Like any creative process, we all get too close to it once in a while.  It’s part of breathing life into the project.  Make sure you leave a couple days in between serious editing sessions so that you stay as objective as possible.  It’s impossible to completely objective as course, because it’s your baby, but taking a step back for a while after you’ve finished the first draft is a really good habit that can help you out with making the rest of it easier and spotting weak points.  For an added bonus, consider bringing in a circle of beta testers to watch it and tell you their honest opinions.  It may be hard to take, but it’ll make sure you get the feedback you want so that your video can benefit from it in the long run.  It could really help you make a name for yourself in filming!  A good eye combined with a great editing team: now that’s something!


If your dream is to become a great video editor, all of these tips should help you get on the right track with editing and tweaking.  No one said the path to perfection and success was going to be easy, right?  Do your best to get there by making the process a little faster and easier so that you spend more time working and less time trying to figure out where you put that one file that you accidentally lost track of.  You have the eye for filming, so make sure it stands out with excellent editing.

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Royalty free music, sometimes called stock music, has been a vital instrument in several industries. Its affordability and versatility, it has become widely popular, particularly because one does not need to compensate the artist or the seller of the music, royalties or on-going fees. The availability of first-class quality, royalty free music from vast music libraries, even including some prize-winning musical pieces, makes it a fantastic option. From novices to experts almost anyone can enjoy the benefits of royalty free music to improve their project in a significant way. Visit

Royalty free music can lend credence to nearly all types of projects. Royalty free music for videos, for instance, is a distinctive addition that gives more substance and character to the videos. It can as well be applied in diversified ways, whether as a background or trailer music for films, production of televisions, radio programs, and to add more value to productions for schools or jobs. Adding music to almost any project will better capture the attention of your audience and enhance the quality of the overall experience.

Primary Uses of Royalty Free Music

The use of royalty free music for videos in various industries has fundamentally become more and more popular over the years. Such popularity contributed to the continued development of downloadable royalty free music. With royalty free music, industry professionals such as film and television producers, educational institutions, business owners, corporate companies, and many more, are able to have access to quality music for a range of projects, without the need to pay expensive royalty obligations to composers, artists or music companies. It also allows certain industries to keep huge earnings without compromising work quality. Keeping an eye on the bottom line is always important for any professional venture or even for amateurs looking to keep a strict budget.

Often, companies needing music for videos in producing film music or an entire music score for full-length videos, resort to royalty free music for videos, from vast libraries to accomplish their specialized needs. Even those needing any type of music for independent or major motion picture production, television program, or commercial videos—either as background or foreground music, title theme or an entire score, royalty free music has become a primordial option.

 The Growing Popularity of Royalty Free Music

Anyone in need of premium, downloadable royalty free music for videos can rely on numerous online music libraries offering comprehensive, affordable, and downloadable royalty free music. The size of the libraries can vary so it is important to review the details of what each site offers before signing up or agreeing to their terms.

The almost unlimited source of royalty free music collections made possible the use of music for commercial purposes, with the absence of obligatory royalty payments. Users make use of this option because legally using some of the popular music would entail many obstacles to go through and can become extremely expensive.

Generally, you would be required to acquire mechanical rights, transcript rights, neighboring rights, master use rights, synchronization and transcription rights, and public performance royalties. Doing so, would take many years, not to mention a considerable amount of money and most often many restrictions on how the music can be used.

Big time users of music such as Hollywood somehow deal with this predicament by paying production music libraries for their music. Such libraries purchase musical rights to music on a work-for-hire basis, and in turn license the music to television or film companies for an amount that is substantially cheaper than commissioning specific music for the video or film. However, this system can be cost-prohibitive to smaller production houses or amateur filmmakers who intend to make use of YouTube or other forms of social media as their primary distribution channel.

Royalty Free Music as an Option

There are diverse compilations of royalty free music that are perfect for all types of creative projects. Making use of these sources as an alternative is a great way to make your video projects, stunning and more special, without the need to break your bank because of costly royalty fees.

Relying on the premise of the current copyright laws, making use of downloadable royalty free music for videos will allow you to use some of the reserved rights for a certain musical work legally, free of charge. Most music libraries offer free copyright licenses, enabling you to mark your creative work with the freedom to use a particular music. It will further allow you to legally share the music online, make copies for your friends and use them in your videos and other compositions, without fear of being legally subjected to copyright issues which can include severe penalties.

You can give your video project more character by integrating unique and sophisticated music from Filmtv-tracks. If you are in need of music for your videos or other creative projects, you can explore and evaluate different music libraries offering royalty free music for videos. It is the cheapest and the highest quality option available, giving added premium quality to your creative projects, without necessarily paying a premium price.








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