The Power of Music in Branding

The Power of Music in Branding

It is essential in today’s market segments that brands earn an emotional connection with consumers if they want to avoid losing them to their competitors. This isn’t anything new, we’re all well aware of it or should be, but it’s not always easy to achieve because most of us get overwhelmed. One marketing strategy that is often overlooked is the power of music in branding.

The music that businesses use in their communications can have a far greater and longer lasting effect on consumers than most entrepreneurs think. Unfortunately, music is often an afterthought which is a huge mistake. Music in branding shouldn’t just be used as a passive backdrop – it needs to be used to support
your message and grab attention. Long story short – music communicates.

Music = Connect and Engage = Value
Use the power of music in branding to establish an emotional connection with your brand. Making an emotional connection will increase brand recognition, create buzz and excitement beyond your brand’s core services and products. The power of music in branding also empower consumers, giving them the kind of user experience and value that they’ll want to share with their sphere.

Music creates the appeal and overall value that brands must have in order to attract their target market’s attention, drawing it away from the competition and establishing a genuine connection with their prospects and clients. When used appropriately, music not only creates loyalty and advocacy, it generates sales and profits.

Music and Films
Film soundtracks are frequently used to demonstrate the power of music in branding, making a memorable emotional connection. If you’re not convinced, think “Jaws”. When you hear the soundtrack from the movie, even all these years later, you and anyone else who has heard it, connects it to the movie. You know all those shrieks you let out when you watched the movie? They were due in part to the feelings of fear and anticipation of the upcoming shark attack that the soundtrack created. Great soundtracks can also make you care more about the characters in a film and even appreciate the visuals more.

Corporate Sound Branding
Corporate branding also benefits from sound and music and there are music designers out there that can be compose especially for the brand. The process should be to position the designed music and sound in the corporations’ communicative touch points, creating a sound identity that supports its visual brand identity. With this particular approach, the brand sound experiences aren’t developed through entertainment that involves the music industry. Instead, it’s used with the distinct purpose of producing an audible and easily recognized “red thread” via corporate touch points. That may be anything from sound used on websites, to on hold music, ringtones, sound logos, computer sounds and other innovative corporate soundtracks.

If Used Incorrectly . . .
If you pair the wrong music with your brand it can have a highly undesirable effect. For example, if your potential or current clients misinterpret the emotional messages of the music you’re using, finding that it contradicts your personality, brand or values, they just may end up distrusting your brand.

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