Whether it’s a blockbuster, a family-friendly movie or an emotional film, I compose, custom score and sound design your next trailer

Human Legacy is a collection of epic hybrid orchestral and grimy sound design tracks with industrial heavy synth elements, triumphant choir, intense and heroic expressive string ands epic brass arrangements, dirty and sinister soundscapes, with edgy somber undertones and dramatic risers and thundering impacts. sparse atmospheric and ambient piano opening building into and Apocalyptic, Massive and percussive breakdown. (Versions with vocals available upon request).

Music composed and arranged by Dan Foster.

Request a license by contacting danfoster(at)filmtv-tracks.com with your name, company, contact number, email, project name and details of your project

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Your Freedom

Human Legacy

You lit me up

Wild Race


Unforgiven – no vocal

Time will come

The last time


Life with action

Let there be light


Infinite hope

Human Hope



Evolving pulses

Battle Cry