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We offer high quality music from the world’s leading composers for video, film, TV commercials and for any creative project. Filmtv-tracks.com is dedicated to provide exclusive, high-quality royalty free music tracks for use in new and traditional media projects, including videos, films, television, apps and games.

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Our royalty free license is 100% legal and simple,it covers any kind of production – large or small, video to motion picture, commercial, corporate, in all mediums, in perpetuity all for one price

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Filmtv-tracks is a collective of creative people like you who are dedicated to producing amazing music.We believe that all of your projects deserve the best royalty free music

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Here you will find an amazing music library of world-class Orchestral, pop, rock, corporate, children music and more  ready for immediate commercial use.

Check out over 6,000 tracks from talented composers around the world,  offering their beautiful commercial music in 40 music genres. major Hollywood studios, international ad agencies, video editors, filmmakers, and post-production houses use our music.

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We offer Royalty free music at no cost for Colleges, Universities, Film Schools and Film Festivals.

Our program is for accredited state schools, colleges and notorious film schools only. Individual students do not qualify.

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What is Royalty Free Music? How Does It Work?

The main objective of this article is to define the meaning of royalty free music and to provide information about its usage, including things to consider when it comes to enhancing your project with the appropriate background music. You’ll also learn about copyright, usage rights, genres, quality and some of the legal aspects
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Royalty Free Music Defined

Music, as with most forms of art, falls within some form of copyright, and there’s absolutely no such thing as“copyright free” music. All composers hold the copyright to their own compositions. Royalty free license allows the buyer to use copyrighted material without having to pay license or royalty fees for per volume sold, each
performance or a particular time period of sales or use.

The term royalty free music is applied, if a composer grants the utilization right directly to an end user without dealing with collecting societies like BMI, ASCAP and AFM. Working directly with consumers makes it possible for musicians to establish a significantly lower price. It is important for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses who cant afford to pay out hundreds of dollars on every piece of music they need. To continue