We are a team of accomplished musicians ready to compose, record, and produce the music you are needing. We take pride in covering a wide range of styles from current Rock, pop, acoustic folk, urban to epic orchestral scores, jazz, ambient and everything in between.
We offer custom music production solutions to enhance your visual media: Video, film, apps, video game, corporate, tv commercial and more.

Contact us to get an estimate for professional media-ready music.

If you are interested in a more economical, ready-to-go solution for your project, check our premium royalty free music.

We use advanced computer technology with the latest softwares: Protools HD, 8dio, Soundiron, Heavihocity, East west, Vsl, Project Sam, Piano Bosendorfer, protools, Samplitude pro, Motu, creamware, Cubase, Logic audio.. and hire professional musicians.