Instagram Video | Useful tips and techniques on how to edit and encode

Instagram Video | Useful tips and techniques to edit and encode

Created in October, 2010 by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, Instagram is a free online mobile app/service based on photo and video sharing. The app makes it possible for users, taking pics and videos with their smartphones, to share them with the world via social media sites including Facebook, Flicker and Tumbler, privately or publicly. Instagram’s video sharing option was launched in 2013 and has continued to grow exponentially ever since.

Attracting People to Your Videos

Like anything, when it comes to using a service like Instagram to attract a targeted audience, or create impressive effects, you’ll really want to fine tune your videos, following the required Instagram video format, taking it above and beyond what you’d be able to accomplish using the Instagram app. The goal of this article is to provide tips and techniques that will help you achieve a more effective strategy for editing and encoding your Instagram videos and make them shine.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the Instagram approved length of the videos. On March 29th, Instagram publicized a significant change in how videos will be presented. Primarily that instead of their previous 15 second limit, the new Instagram video format can now be up to 60 seconds long. In addition, as part of today’s announcement, all consumers on iOS devices will now be able to produce a video using multiple clips in their camera roll.

Learn how to edit and encode your videos on Instagram

Before we get info the Instagram video format tips and techniques, install the Instagram app on your phone which you’ll find on Google Play.

Editing Your Video
To begin, you’ll need to place the video in an editing application and make improvements from there, keeping in mind that the dimensions of an Instagram video is 640 x 640. The majority of video editing applications make it possible to customize/modify the aspect ratio of video projects. If you’re not sure how to do this, Instagram will automatically crop the sides of the video for you to import and allow you to adjust the cropping position from inside of the app. If you’d rather verify the crop points before placing it on the phone, do it here or while in the encoding process.

Convert the Video into a H.264 Codec
The H.264 Codec format is best, since it looks fantastic and at the same time keeps the file size low, making the transfer process quick and easy. While Instagram accepts various other video formats, H.264 Codec is known as one of the easiest yet effective options. There are a number of encoding apps available today that convert to H.264, with good examples being MPEG Streamclip app (free) and the Adobe Media Encoder. You can also use a compressor that has a H.264 setting.

Transferring the Video to Your Phone
Once you have the video in the optimal format, the least complicated way to transfer it from your computer to your phone is using Dropbox, a cloud based storage app, and you can sign up for free for a limited amount (but plenty for smaller video projects) of storage space.

Next, upload your video to a specified folder (easy to create) in Dropbox on your computer. If you haven’t done it already, install the Dropbox app on your smartphone, locate your video file using the app, and then save it to your gallery or camera roll. From here you’ll be able to access the video from Instagram.

By following the Instagram video format recommendations, tips and techniques to edit and encode, you’ll be ready to share your video creations with the world.

10 Top Royalty Free Music tracks for video creators

10 Royalty Free Music tracks every video creator should have

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Royalty Free Corporate Music

Create a positive and uplifting feeling of confidence and succes with our diverse selection of corpoarte based tracks. Evoking dynamism and accomplishemt, These tunes can be used to emphasize Success, Optimism and creativity. 

Creative Inspiration

Creative Inspiration

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Something creative

Something creative

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Royalty Free Epic Music

Give Strenght to boost your project to the next level of power! This epic orchestral cinematic Hollywood style music is perfect for trailers, energy videos and action scenes

Justice Mission 3.06

Justice Mission

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Royalty Free Advertising Music

Sunny, carefree pop piece featuring Human whistle. playful and Happy acoustic guitars. great for tv commercials, advertising campaign, website, new product launch video.

Sunny Vibe 0.50

Sunny Vibe

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Look out now (vocal) 2.42

Look out now (vocal)

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Creative day 3.10

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Royalty Free Piano Music

Beautifully recorded piano pieces, Inspiring and positive, featuring emotional piano and light underlying adagio strings that create hope and confidence.

8th Wonder

8th wonder

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Colors of the world – mix 1

Colors of the world

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Bright and uplifting rock music, featuring energetic guitars, groovy bass and solid drums that create a positive and happy mood- This Heartland is a Flowing and warm piece, featuring pulsing warm piano, electric guitar and electronic elements, that creates a proud and hopeful mood

Positive Challenges 3.56

Positive Challenges

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This Heartland 3.35

This Heartland

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Singers Looking for Original Songs


Singers Looking for Original Songs

Let’s face it, record labels don’t sign just anybody. They want to hear fresh, new songs, with music that compliments the artist, not a karaoke rendition of a song that everybody has heard a thousand times, associated with another artist. makes it possible for singers looking for original songs to avoid hours of research looking for a good co-writer, not to mention the years of training it takes to be able to come up with an appealing hook and the thousands spent to create a great track in a studio to sing to.

Singers looking for original songs will find a wide variety of genres on, including Pop, Rock, RNB/Hip Hop/ Urban, Dance/Electronic and other trending styles. Because of our extensive, collective experience (several of our composers are actively performing musicians), we can provide what many other royalty free services can’t – superior music in virtually any style conceivable. Most important of all, when you work with us, singers looking for original songs will have access to uniquely composed music that doesn’t sacrifice musical integrity.

  • Record and promote your TALENT with our original songs through your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Itunes
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About Film Tracks
Owned and operated by Digimedia, LLC, is committed to presenting easy access to high quality royalty free music for singers who are looking for original songs. Our goal is simple: to make it possible for our customers to access extraordinary, yet affordable songs without the hassles of auditioning a plethora of composers. Our team is made up of talented, active musicians and composers that understand the need for exceptional music.

Our Artists
We’ve developed an extensive digital catalog of exceptional and varied music, where you’ll find the perfect songs to promote yourself as the talented singer that you are. On our site you find hundreds of original songs for singers, composed by some of best songwriters in the industry. We’re proud to be able to offer you fresh new songs that will flawlessly compliment your voice.

Our Mission
Its our mission to share our passion for music with you, through high quality, royalty free music, backed by world class customer service. One of our main goals is to offer singers looking for quality songs music that will perfectly accent their talents and enhance their success. Whether you’re a professional pop singer, perform in a choir, or prefer Opera, theres something on our site for everyone. Not all singers consider themselves composers and it can be difficult to come up with a new song to complement their vocal skills. On you can browse through a wealth of original songs that have been made available to you by the writer. For an affordable fee, you’ll be able to purchase royalty free songs to use to promote yourself as an artist.

As a singer, that last thing you should do is try to pitch yourself performing a song that everybody has heard. From sweet acoustic sounds to classical piano and more, you’ll find it and everything else in between on Singers looking for original songs are guaranteed to be pleased with the music they find on our site.

When you get a Song License from us, you are permitted to record, perform, pitch, share, and sell your version of the song anywhere from Youtube to Itunes and share in the royalties as the Singer/artist.

Our Songwriters do nothing but produce high potential backing tracks , but rely on the singer/artist to create the “top line” the melody and lyrics. Our songs are designed for recording artists and record producers who are looking for songs. Our music Tracks are fully produced instrumental musical beds with no vocals.

For just $199 per song, You get all of the the following:

– The INSTRUMENTAL track version of the song (for you to record/sing/perform) in Mp3 format (320 kbps) and Wav Format
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All you have to do is to write your own lyrics of the song you wish to record/perform/pitch

Before putting your vocal on any of our songs, you need to get permission from Filmtv-tracks. Recording a song is one of the easiest thing you can do from a copyright and licensing approach.

Music licensing is intended to ensure that the owners of copyrights on Musical RECORDINGS are compensated for their work and grants the purchaser a legal permission to commercially release the song produced by its original composer.

You As the Singer, are only purchasing  the non-exclusive rights to use the fully mastered track to put your vocals on and promote yourself as an artist! As in any case, the songwriter remains the composer who still “owns” the song itself. This you simply give the songwriter credit. This formula works great for both the singer/artist whereas a Lyricist exclusively who writes lyrics and the songwriter!

Each song is normally $499,  now only $199 !

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If you want to take your career as a musical artist to the next level you need to sing original songs.

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Royalty free music at no cost for Colleges, Universities, Film Schools and Film Festivals.

We offer Royalty free music at no cost for Colleges, Universities, Film Schools and Film Festivals.

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In order to help students, faculty and staff prepare for success, we’re providing Free Royalty free music to you free of charge.

You may qualify
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You can use the following example
Premium royalty free music from Filmtv-tracks

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This program, offered as educational program, is available to all Film and Television students/teachers fully registered in universities and colleges.

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Composer Ennio Moricone of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ” gets his Star in Hollywood

Italian Film composer Ennio Moricone gets his star on the Hollywood walk of Fame.


The ceremony was held feb 26 to honor his prestigious carreer that has included writing original motion picture sountracks  for more than 500 films including that legendary western spaghetti “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino were among the Guests.

Tarantino said. “To bring this bit of ‘Italia’ to Hollywood Boulevard is a really wonderful thing.”

 “The Hateful Eight” received the best original score, a film produced by Moricone.

Moricone composed the scores for legendary movies “A Fistful of Dollars,” “For a Few Dollars More,” “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” “Once Upon a Time in The West” to name a few. He has worked with Sergio Leone on numerous movies. He had a deep esteem for John williams, composer of Starwars and The Schindler’s list.

Moricone has been nominated at least  five times before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He wrote his first concert at the age of 22, then started to work as a composer for the Italian national TV RAI.

What is Royalty Free Music? Essentials Things You Should Know

What is Royalty Free Music? How Does It Work?

The main objective of this article is to define the meaning of royalty free music and to provide information about its usage, including things to consider when it comes to enhancing your project with the appropriate background music. You’ll also learn about copyright, usage rights, genres, quality and some of the legal aspects
in terms of the usage of royalty free music.

Royalty Free Music Defined

Music, as with most forms of art, falls within some form of copyright, and there’s absolutely no such thing as “copyright free” music. All composers hold the copyright to their own compositions. Royalty free license allows the buyer to use copyrighted material without having to pay license or royalty fees for per volume sold, each
performance or a particular time period of sales or use.

The term royalty free music is applied, if a composer grants the utilization right directly to an end user without dealing with collecting societies like BMI, ASCAP and AFM. Working directly with consumers makes it possible for musicians to establish a significantly lower price. It is important for entrepreneurs, startups and
small businesses who cant afford to pay out hundreds of dollars on every piece of music they need.

Stock Music vs. Royalty Free Music

Stock music, also referred to as production music, is distinct in that the rights to it are solely held by a specific company, referred to as a library. This library” either employs composers or musicians and assigns projects to them or selects pieces that they buy from independent artists. The library or the artists they employ typically receive royalties when a piece they’ve created or performed is used in a project. In essence, this option keeps their customers on the hook, requiring them to pay additional fees when they use the tracks they’ve purchased. This is tough for users on a fixed budget to deal with. With royalty free stock music, the buyer will pay a one-time fee for it. After that they can use the music with no additional monetary obligation to the library.

Royalty Free Music for YouTube

YouTube now has a stock music library of it’s own but their selection basically average. If your project requires more than just basic, “me too” tunes, you should definitely opt for professional royalty free music. Using royalty free music for YouTube is wise, given that building an audience requires branding and branding demands emotion. It’s the emotion in videos that sells and its best created using high quality background music. If you plan to use music in your online videos, the first thing you should bear in mind is to avoid copyright violation.

Always Remember – You Get What You Pay For

Royalty free music provides the perfect opportunity to obtain the background tracks that you need for the projects you’re working on without spending a fortune. That said, there are also risks involved as well. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you can’t simply “google” for free downloads and assume that it’s
okay to use them for commercial use– if you do this – you’re just asking for trouble. In most cases, these types of free offers come with complex licenses that quite often include concealed legal pitfalls. Being prosecuted due to copyright infringement can be extremely costly, very fast. You’ve probably already heard of this problem as it
pertains to using stock images – royalty free music is very much the same. So always remember, you get, what you pay for. Yes, are some fantastic offers and flat rates available online, but always keep in mind to be sensible and steer clear of shady free download offers.

Royalty Free Music Uses

Royalty free music isn’t confined to a specialized variety of musical styles, however, there are a few genres that play a significant role in today’s digital world of branding and content marketing. Royalty free piano music for instance is often used in emotionally charged videos and ads. There’s really no better way to create soft, romantic or moving tunes than by using music involving the piano or other classical instruments. On the flip side, the background music used video games is typically more intense, in some cases, including heavy metal and rock, played fast and loud.

Royalty free medieval or Celtic music plays a significant roll when it comes to promoting fantasy products including games, films and books. You can count on royalty free music for content creators who specialize in the Renaissance period of mystic creatures like dragons, dwarfs and elves, to use medieval and Celtic tunes.

Podcasts and YouTube

Podcasters like to use music in their intros and for branding objectives, primarily consisting of voice overs, along with an appropriate background track. In addition, videos are the kind of content that is definitely reliant on copyright free music. While YouTube has its own library now with more or less decent tracks, product videos and films always require high quality royalty free songs in order to be successful. Game releases and movie trailers rely heavily on high quality royalty free music and in the age of content marketing, its more important than it has ever been before.

Copyright Free Music

If you’re planning on using copyright free music for commercial use, you should call for full usage rights, without any hidden requirements. Professional royalty free music services usually provide you with full security with regard to the usage of their music. In addition, you dont need to provide credits and you’re permitted to use the music within all of your non-commercial and commercial projects. In regards to copyright free music, this type of digital rights management is essential for todays creatives and marketers. Even in the case of a piece of music that falls in public domain, you need to ask yourself 3 questions: Who composed the music? when did the composer died? and who owns the related rights known as the neighbouring rights?

If you need larger than life, royalty free music for your video, film, video game, branding purposes, etc., it’s important that the music is not only affordable but restriction free. Using a reputable royalty free music service will ensure that the music that you choose for your project, whatever it is, will be the absolute best that it can be, hassle free.

Check out our Royalty free music for your videos

Epic Hybrid Dramatic music for trailer

We designed these tracks that create dramatic tension, scope, and epic drama.

this Hybrid dramatic music track with all the single taiko hits, multi-hits, super risers, modern swells, unexpected transitions and tools necessary for truly epic hybrid  and impactful sound design. a straight build up to an epic climax, this track covers it all in order to boost your film to its fullest !

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