Download premium royalty free music for videos – A comprenhensive and affordable industry tool

Download royalty free music for your videos – A comprenhensive and affordable industry tool


Royalty free music, sometimes called stock music, has been a vital instrument in several industries. Its affordability and versatility, it has become widely popular, particularly because one does not need to compensate the artist or the seller of the music, royalties or on-going fees. The availability of first-class quality, royalty free music from vast music libraries, even including some prize-winning musical pieces, makes it a fantastic option. From novices to experts almost anyone can enjoy the benefits of royalty free music to improve their project in a significant way. Visit our site

Royalty free music can lend credence to nearly all types of projects. Royalty free music for videos, for instance, is a distinctive addition that gives more substance and character to the videos. It can as well be applied in diversified ways, whether as a background or trailer music for films, production of televisions, radio programs, and to add more value to productions for schools or jobs. Adding music to almost any project will better capture the attention of your audience and enhance the quality of the overall experience.

Primary Uses of Royalty Free Music

The use of royalty free music for videos in various industries has fundamentally become more and more popular over the years. Such popularity contributed to the continued development of downloadable royalty free music. With royalty free music, industry professionals such as film and television producers, educational institutions, business owners, corporate companies, and many more, are able to have access to quality music for a range of projects, without the need to pay expensive royalty obligations to composers, artists or music companies. It also allows certain industries to keep huge earnings without compromising work quality. Keeping an eye on the bottom line is always important for any professional venture or even for amateurs looking to keep a strict budget.

Often, companies needing music for videos in producing film music or an entire music score for full-length videos, resort to royalty free music for videos, from vast libraries to accomplish their specialized needs. Even those needing any type of music for independent or major motion picture production, television program, or commercial videos—either as background or foreground music, title theme or an entire score, royalty free music has become a primordial option.

The Growing Popularity of Royalty Free Music

Anyone in need of premium, downloadable royalty free music for videos can rely on numerous online music libraries offering comprehensive, affordable, and downloadable royalty free music. The size of the libraries can vary so it is important to review the details of what each site offers before signing up or agreeing to their terms.

The almost unlimited source of royalty free music collections made possible the use of music for commercial purposes, with the absence of obligatory royalty payments. Users make use of this option because legally using some of the popular music would entail many obstacles to go through and can become extremely expensive.

Generally, you would be required to acquire mechanical rights, transcript rights, neighboring rights, master use rights, synchronization and transcription rights, and public performance royalties. Doing so, would take many years, not to mention a considerable amount of money and most often many restrictions on how the music can be used.

Big time users of music such as Hollywood somehow deal with this predicament by paying production music libraries for their music. Such libraries purchase musical rights to music on a work-for-hire basis, and in turn license the music to television or film companies for an amount that is substantially cheaper than commissioning specific music for the video or film. However, this system can be cost-prohibitive to smaller production houses or amateur filmmakers who intend to make use of YouTube or other forms of social media as their primary distribution channel.

Royalty Free Music as an Option

There are diverse compilations of royalty free music that are perfect for all types of creative projects. Making use of these sources as an alternative is a great way to make your video projects, stunning and more special, without the need to break your bank because of costly royalty fees.

Relying on the premise of the current copyright laws, making use of downloadable royalty free music for videos will allow you to use some of the reserved rights for a certain musical work legally, free of charge. Most music libraries offer free copyright licenses, enabling you to mark your creative work with the freedom to use a particular music. It will further allow you to legally share the music online, make copies for your friends and use them in your videos and other compositions, without fear of being legally subjected to copyright issues which can include severe penalties.

You can give your video project more character by integrating unique and sophisticated music from Filmtv-tracks. If you are in need of music for your videos or other creative projects, you can explore and evaluate different music libraries offering royalty free music for videos. It is the cheapest and the highest quality option available, giving added premium quality to your creative projects, without necessarily paying a premium price.

If you need amazing royalty free music, Filmtv-tracks is the #1 source for high quality royalty free music that will bring your project to life!

Premium royalty free music for all

PREMIUM-ROYALTY-FREE-MUSICThere seems to be an unlimited supply of music online. Everywhere you turn, whether in television, radio, or internet, there is always an opportunity to download and hear new tracks. However, there is always a question of whether this music can be used without running into serious copyright issues.

Fortunately, the cost of using all genres of music is now greatly reduced, with the availability of royalty free music libraries. With royalty free music, you will only have to pay a single amount for such royalty intricacies as mechanical rights, publishing rights, neighboring rights, master use rights, and public performance royalties, among others. Furthermore, you will have a massive selection of downloadable royalty free music from almost all types, styles and music genres.

Royalty free corporate music

One of the most efficient ways to connect with your customers is to provide positive music that evokes a happy and friendly vibe. Fun, positive music tracks with happy melodies are great addition to productions needed for product demonstrations and other business promotions. We have a wide selection of royalty free corporate music that will help your business give more impact for your PowerPoint presentations, corporate videos or seminar materials. From acoustic, folksy music to laid back acoustic jams; from serene, ethereal tunes to industrial compositions, our vast library will definitely have something in store for you.

Royalty free action music

Intense, suspenseful and driving. These primordial qualities best describe the vast selection of our royalty free action music. High-octane, action-packed music is suitable for thrilling car chases and exhilarating scenes for action films reminiscent of such action films as Mission Impossible or James Bond. We offer a variety of electronic music suitable for visuals that need some pumped-up beats that highlight fast action scenes and imagery.

Royalty free ambient music

Royalty free ambient music is ideal for productions needing music that exudes an air of warmth, indulgence and spirituality. Serene and insightful musical compositions that add groove or ethic flavor to your videos, mobile apps or games which give out that reverberating emotion and peaceful introspection. Our library contains tracks that are beautiful, dreamy, and spiritual evoking a delightful feeling of dawning freedom. Synthetic beat that slowly builds up to an intense, reverberated blend of string and percussion, often resulting in a melodic musical production that would captivate the audience.

Royalty free animation music

Positive, fun and childish. Such music as a funny sound of a toy piano or a human trumpet is great for any animation or cartoon projects for television. The funny, outlandish and wacky sounds of royalty free animation music, emphasizes the humor and comedy that you want to convey, especially for productions directed at children. You probably experienced growing up with the familiar wacky music accompanying the adventures of the Looney Tunes cartoon character. Just imagine the good laughter induced by such outlandish royalty free animation music.

Royalty free classical music

Dynamic, spirited and majestic. These words would easily summarize royalty free classical music. You can make your projects more sophisticated by adding orchestral arrangements. Elegant, sentimental and classical tracks are the perfect accompaniment to documentaries or wedding videos. Royalty free classical music, is a striking addition to your video or musical production that underscore dreamy images of stunning landscapes, magnificent mountains, tranquil weather and other images of beautiful nature. We offer hundreds of classical compositions that warm the heart, or something that slowly builds up to cheerful, dreamy glissando.

Royalty free rock music

Two words: exhilarating and motivating. If you want to drive your projects into even higher gear, adding royalty free rock music is a fun and funky way to do it. The driving rhythm of these rock anthems is the easiest way to energize an action scene. The youthful attitude and quirkiness of ram-packed rock tracks are perfect accompaniment for anything that evokes male stereotypes such as automobile, sports, and energetic content. You can make use of our royalty free rock music to push your projects further, outside of your comfort zone, to suggest a loud and edgy vibe.

Royalty free pop music

Royalty free pop music is generally labeled as young, energetic, refreshing, urban and trendy. This music is suited for a range of high fashion contents directed towards a youthful audience. Music featuring drums, synth tabs, bass and catchy melodic lines evoke the energy and the aspirations of teens. The energy, rhythm, and the drive of royalty free pop music is an impeccable choice for happy materials that would appeal to a younger audience. It would also carry the character and the dreams of the youth.

Royalty free orchestral music

You can try our selection of orchestral arrangements that prompts a sense of optimism and motivation. Royalty free orchestral music is a flawless addition to productions reminiscent of Hollywood classics that clamor for grand, urgent and intense emotions. Skim through our music library in order to find the classic and moving orchestral hybrid that slowly and steadily build into the rousing crescendo that you are looking for. The intensity of imposing music from heartening string instruments, provide an epic score for trailers and advertisements for an added emotional impact.

Royalty free piano music

The music from the grand piano truly displays heartfelt emotion and romance. Our library includes a huge selection of piano driven tracks that would help emphasize such feelings as longing, loneliness and love. Even a gentle repetition of piano music, underscored by a string instrument, could transform a dull production into a heart-warming, cinematic, and magical creation. Royalty free piano music is perfect for advertisements that are directed towards a sweet, feel-good and intimate emotion.

Royalty free kids and comedy music

Commercials, animation and mobile games often need fun, quirky, and kid-oriented music to evoke playful, positive and comedic content. We offer a diverse selection of joyful, light, and warm tracks that are ideal for TV advertisements or productions that represent positive and uplifting energies. Royalty free kids and comedy music is perfect for child-related videos or videos that would definitely put on a smile to the viewer’s face.

Royalty free video game music

Playing video games become more engaging with royalty free video game music. This type of royalty free music is ideal for intense, action-packed games for PC and mobile devices. It is also perfect for productions that require big sounds to build the momentum further. Scan through our vast library and you will find versatile musical masterpieces that would make any video game even more intense.

Royalty free romantic music

Royalty free romantic music is generally progressive and touching with tracks that progress into a climax of grand passion. These tracks are suited for many types of productions that are inclined to produce romantic sentiments that are evocative of love and high emotions. Especially perfect for productions for weddings, Valentines, and romantic celebrations, you can find the right royalty free romantic music from our immense library.

Royalty free music for documentaries

Documentary music is one of the latest additions to our enormous music library. Our music tracks cover wide range of emotions that will fit any of your documentary projects. Royalty free music for documentaries involving wildlife and nature, science and technology, documentary, drama, and atmospheric music beds, are some of the most sough-after royalty free music. If you want to chronicle the adventure of your documentary heroes with proper detail, overtures from royalty free music for documentaries are great additions.

Royalty free trailer music

Royalty free trailer music includes music from big drums, huge orchestras, epic brass and other similar sets of instruments, exactly how a trailer should. Using royalty free music for your production is a great way to add powerful, dark and a dramatic atmosphere to your trailer films. Epic trailer music is a commanding and motivational track that is emphasized by dramatic orchestra music plus and an assortment of great string and brass melodies. The music then culminates in a great uplifting tempo that brings a very dramatic end.

Royalty free music for commercial ads

Commercial advertisement must immediately capture the customer’s attention. One way to do so is to use royalty free music for commercial ads. Our library contains thousands of music tracks that are perfect for productions which will strengthen your brand. Our royalty free music includes jingles, sound effects, drum loops, audio beds, and other advert music. We also have exclusive titles for a wide range of styles and genres perfect for your video or music projects for commercial purposes.

The music industry is a complicated machine, with many different players wanting to have a piece of the industry’s money pie. If you are going to use a particular musical composition, you need to go through several copyright issues, making it more expensive to use it for business use. It is often a deterrent factor, especially to independent film producers. Nevertheless, through the royalty free music that you can find in our library, you are given more opportunities to make your production even more exciting and engaging.

Les marques misent sur la musique Filmtv-tracks

Les marques misent sur la musique Filmtv-tracks

L’intérêt que se portent mutuellement marques et musiciens ou producteurs de musique est devenu de plus en plus logique et évident. L’évolution quasi simultanée du modèle économique de l’industrie musicale et du marketing, pour la différenciation et l’image de marque, chez les industriels ou distributeurs a conduit à l’émergence d’un véritable marché de la musique publicitaire connectée aux marques.


Avantages pour les marques

Devant la multitude de spots télévisés, il ne faut pas s’étonner qu’à 65 ans, le consommateur moyen aura l’équivalent de 24 heures de pubs, tous les jours pendant 2 ans, soit 2 millions de spots. Avec l’avènement des nouvelles technologies, le public écoute la musique sur environ 5 supports différents. (étude Millward Brown Brandamp 2007)

Si au début de l’audiovisuel 3 passages suffisaient pour laisser sa trace dans l’esprit des spectateurs, il en faut plus d’une centaine pour avoir un effet similaire. Ce n’est pas pour rien qu’Intel, Nespresso, MMA, Dim, McDonald’s et bien d’autres sont devenues des  « marques qui chantent » : elles se repèrent aisément dans la multitude par quelques notes ou accords bien singuliers.

Nouveau relais économique pour l’industrie musicale

Historiquement les marques n’ont jamais vraiment soutenu l’industrie musicale : en moyenne 5% du budget marketing est dépensé en musique. D’Autre part, les marques rechignent à travailler avec un secteur toujours au bord de l’embargo juridique. Ce dilemme légal renchérit ainsi les affaires avec une industrie réputée onéreuse. Enfin les marques estiment qu’il est assez difficile d’estimer le retour sur investissement d’une oeuvre musicale connectée.

Le secteur est en évolution puisque les marques font d’avantage d’investissement dans ce domaine. L’industrie de la musique aussi avec des acteurs spécialisés dans les musiques promotionnelles libre de droit comme Filmtv-tracks qui promeut des œuvres artistiques originales pour des utilisations commerciales.  Concrètement et selon les résultats des études de Alpert et Alpert (1991), on s’aperçoit que les messages publicitaires sont de plus en plus en phase avec la musique, preuve d’une meilleure collaboration entre marques et producteur de sons.

La musique libre de droit de Filmtv-tracks offre de nouvelles perspectives aux annonceurs. Une licence simple et économique est proposée pour vous permettre d’utiliser une vaste collection de musiques dans laquelle se trouver LA piste adaptée à votre spot ou à votre utilisation.

Aujourd’hui, les grandes marques misent sur la musique filmtv-tracks dans leur communication. Investir dans la musique est devenu un must pour développer une notoriété et toucher une plus grande audience. De nombreuses grandes marques vont jusqu’à intégrer la musique à leur ADN de marque.

l’identité visuelle a toute son importance dans l’image de marque d’une entreprise, son environnement musical ne compte pas moins et certaines marques commencent à s’y intéresser de très près grâce aux conseils d’agences de communication ou de publicité.


Notre avis sur AudioJungle et Itunes

Notre avis sur AudioJungle et Itunes

  • Certains nous ont demandé pourquoi notre musique n’était pas vendue sur AudioJungle , la réponse est simple. Filmtv-tracks maintient un haut niveau de qualité musicale afin de ne pas discréditer ses compositeurs et la réputation qu’elle défend depuis des années. Sa mission est d’offrir la meilleure musique pour toute utilisation.

    Les musiques présentes sur filmtv-tracks sont introuvables sur d’autres sites de musique libre de droit comme audiojungle ou itunes.

    Le catalogue en ligne disponible est unique et rentre dans le cadre d’une exclusivité avec ses compositeurs du monde entier. Ce qui signifie tout simplement signifie que nos musiques ne peuvent être vendues ailleurs. C’est le point fort de Filmtv-tracks.

    Les licences sont accordées pour tous les types d’utilisation qu’il s’agisse d’une publicité sur internet, une publicité audiovisuelle ou une vidéo d’entreprise. Vous choisissez votre licence A ou B en fonction de vos besoins.

    Le streaming de notre site est optimal, vous pouvez même télécharger sans avoir à ouvrir un compte des versions démos mp3 à 128 kbps.

    Testez nos musiques dans vos présentations auprès de vos clients en un simple clic.

    Les prix pratiqués ne sont pas du 5 ou 19€ pour un morceau comme on peut le voir sur le net. Dans cette jungle audio, tout se vend et tout s’achète, le bon comme le mauvais. A vous de faire le bon choix si vous ne voulez pas sabotez votre projet.

    Filmtv-tracks mise sur la qualité et une sélection rigoureuse de ses musiques est faite pour offrir à ses utilisateurs exigeants des musiques de premier choix.

    Le marché de la musique libre de droit est en constante évolution, nous existons depuis 2003 car nous avons compris l’enjeu que représentait le numérique.


  • Albums épiques disponibles

    Albums épiques disponibles

    Pour les fans de musique épique (aventure, action, fantastique).

    Les albums sont enfin disponibles sur le site WWW.TRAILERSOUND.NET

    Découvrez les sans attendre !



    The high impact of movie trailer music

    The high impact of movie trailer music

    Ever since the turn of the century, the power of trailer music has become more apparent than ever. Cinematic grandeur has become the norm these days rather than the exception, and it shows in the incredibly quality of audio that we see today in trailers and previews for new media.

    Trailer music is typically created just for the use in that specific trailer, and will be a significant backdrop that matches the theme and ideal of the media that it is trying to portray.

    It’s a massively emotional musical track and can be the perfect way to help push the effect and drama of any release that is coming out. Trailer music becoming more popular has coincided with the growth of social media and online media; with trailers now easily found on YouTube and other similar online media to be shared with ease, getting that distinct sound is very important for companies.

    Trailer music helps to sell everything as an overall package, and with trailers being viewed more than ever today it makes it extra important to have a distinctive and unique sound to go with the trailer.

    You will find that trailer music is commonly used by many different people – because it’s such a hugely powerful style of music that usually captures something very specific, it’s become something that just about every media production is using.

    After all, if you can have some bespoke music that sounds like it’s the perfect fit for whatever it is you are trying to convey, why wouldn’t you want to do that?

    Here is a list of just some of the businesses and industries that have been using the immense power of trailer music for quite some time throughout their own advertising and media campaigns in recent years;

    Video game developers – being able to create a beat that matches the game can be a hugely powerful way to attract attention

    • TV Shows – When it comes to promoting a TV show, it’s always helpful to have a musical backing track that goes with the setting of the show. Whether it’s a funky comedy or a deep, dark horror it always helps to have the accompanying music bang on
    • Advertisements – Again, a quick advertisement needs to be able to sell quickly; therefore, the music has to be catchy and unique enough to capture the attention of others
    • Sports – This is a huge part of it today; sports has become more prominent in the media than ever and being able to sell the biggest showdown of the season with some dramatic music always helps to get it moving!
    • Movies – Selling a movie with a unique sound and style to it is far easier than selling a movie with just a basic soundtrack to it, right?

    Even things like the news and documentaries can use the power of trailer music to get some extra sales and attention. It’s the most powerful way to get people turning up and looking at the TV or taking their eyes away from the article they were reading online – it captures the senses and can be the big promotional tool needed to get those extra views or sales!

    Filmtv-tracks is a music library that provides high impact trailer music for motion picture advertising. Our compositions have traditional orchestral instruments mixed with modern electronic elements. Specializing in Epic Adventure Action Drama Fantasy and emotional genres,


    Epic trailer music for motion picture and tv commercials


    Awakening 2.06- Subtle strings with a driving force play to the exiting rhythm of transporting you through an epic adventure. This fast paced orchestral piece sits right on the edge of disaster leaning forward more and more as you go.

    Deliverance 1.25- A true orchestral masterpiece, Deliverance brings you to the moment right after an epic battle, the victors standing proudly. A proud piece with brave horns in the background and a solid, but broken ending.

    In the Beginning 3.40- Subtle orchestral opening with a fast paced feel, as if you were right on the edge of an incredible journey and leading you right to the fall. Over the edge, the flowing strings build you up to the main event and bring you right back to a hard-hitting longing for more.

    Lord of Light 2.00- War is on the horizon and the solid brass lines bring it right through. A sudden stop builds up the suspense for the drop, signifying the first round has been fired and the struggle is on its way with a whole new piece.

    Spirit Legion 1.32- Quick and agile strings build up the thick brass lines bringing about a steady drum and singing trumpets. An intense drop and build pulls the harrowing vocals out of the background and throws them into the spotlight creating a unique piece that has you sitting on the edge of your seat.

    Casus Belli – Traiiler cut- An adventure is on the horizon – but not one that you want to undertake. You’re a Middle Ages assassin fighting your way through the Middle East to get to your target. The operatic vocals bring about your fear of the unknown, while your heart rate increases as your journey begins. We shall defend our country whatever the cost may be, and we shall never choose the path of submission

    Glorious Brothers 3.00-Camaraderie is what’s on your mind all the time – these men are your brothers. The patriotic horns and steady military beat bring about your sense of pride, especially for your fallen and the choir sings of your adventures while you think back to your family of soldiers. The cost of freedom is always high, but we have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose is the path of surrender.

    We shall defend our country whatever the cost may be, and we shall never choose the path of submission

    Invisbile Power 2.08 -An epic choir singing in the middle of the cathedral brings about the beginning of this piece and the barreling horns and steady strings create the sense of urgency – something is about to happen. Hard rock guitars start a sword fight between two Spaniards while the choir sings on.

    The triumph of light 2.14- Intense, building piano lines give way to the deep strings creating a haunting melody. Heart beat drums set the pace for this piece until the horns take it away and propel you into a vision of the peace that might just be.

    A powerful story 2.46-The steady strings bring about the sense of a story needing to be told. Haunting vocals produce the journey of a lifetime that you can be a part of. Steady percussive drums give way to intense strings bringing about the end of this journey.

    Planet Snow 3.30-A door opens to a barren wasteland where you must conquer, heart racing. The orchestra plays on, gaining in speed and intensity with a choral and horn interlude. An epic journey has come and gone.


    Justice Mission 3.06-An intense stare is the way the piercing strings come through giving way and accompanying the intense bass and electro house drumbeat. A small break is all you get, as the muffled screams of the guitar break through to reveal a choir contrasting and complimenting the rest of the parts.


    The power of trailer music

    The power of trailer music

    Trailer music; usually when you put trailer before something you imagine something just a little bit different; trailer park, trailer hitch, trailer park boys etc. and if we follow that line of thinking you’d be expecting banjos, a guitar and bucket being hit with a spoon. Well trailer music is something just a *tad* different, and in some cases, much, much different.

    Most people imagine that when you are watching a movie trailer, TV show trailer or concert trailer you are hearing music from the actual production itself, but that is often not the case.
    The majority of the time you are actually listening to music composed by someone completely apart from the production, and in some cases, music that had been composed prior to the trailer even being started called trailer music. Shocking right?
    It fits so well! Well that’s because the composers produce this trailer music to fit a wide variety of different themes and styles to make it as versatile as possible.

    Once you delve a little deeper into trailer music, you start to understand why it is becoming more and more popular. Because of its production quality and ease of use, these pieces are plug and play when you need a quick teaser trailer, or even a full-length trailer, making them a quick and easy alternative to custom music. But why don’t these multi-million dollar companies just commission original work for these trailers? Because it takes a special mind and way of thinking to compose these 2 minute on average, fully developing and complete pieces.
    John Beal, a composer of over 2,000 different trailer music pieces, says that it “is something a lot of composers, including guys who are way better than I am … just can’t do” because of the difficulty in writing something that “develops so fully and extremely in two minutes” (The Guardian, 2011).

    So yes it is a difficult thing to create on a whim, but who uses this pre-written trailer music and where do they find it? Well savvy reader, producers from all walks use it in lots of different circumstances like film trailers, TV promos and commercials or even in the shows themselves. Sports productions use trailer music for highlight reels, as do video games and more. They usually contact the people who run what’s called “trailer libraries” or the composers themselves.
    These “trailer libraries” usually having a vast array of music to pick and choose from and they will license it out to be used by whoever is producing the trailer for various purposes, for a fee of course.
    If you take a look at some of the huge libraries out there you will find things like action music, Brazilian beach, romance, adventure, sci-fi trailer music and more, all linking you to a multitude of music, each that can fit a variety of situations and trailers and all available for license. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me!
    So in essence, trailer music is a versatile, vast, expanding business that produces music for motion picture advertising music production collective, specializing in original epic music and powerful sound design for theatrical trailers, television commercials and video game advertising campaigns.
    The music is very adaptable, readily available and easy to use for all kinds of productions.
    What more could you ask for?

    Brace yourself for this new, provocative breathtaking trailer music from filmtv-tracks that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
    These nails biting compositions feature bombastic brass blasts, driving strings, massive hits, huge reverses, heart pumping rises, wooshes, reverse rises and pulse pounding percussion. Add high impact to your next project with these epically crafted music and bring your motion picture to life.

    Check out to see their massive archive of incredibly epic pieces, all ready to be used in any kind of production. From action trailers containing calculated and provocative turns, to love stories with sweet, tug on the heartstrings melodies and horrors with twist and turns that makes your skin crawl, Film TV Tracks has some of the best music available all with a completely unprecedented quality of sound production.

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