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AudioWatermarker V5 Offers Audio Watermarking solutions helping Composers, Producers, Bands, Artists and Digital Music store protect their music, get paid for their music, and distribute their music on the net. use an audio watermark on any of your music that you publish to the web. Our comprehensive and pratical software creates audiowatermarked files.

With Audio Wartermarker V5, You can use audio watermarking to protect and promote any/all of your MP3 Preview files.

If you have a web site, music player or store with audio files, Audio Watermarker V5 is the tool that you need.

Audio watermarking solution is a good method for protecting MP3 files and it is also used for downloading and streaming websites.

When music is streamed from your website player, the files can be downloaded, recorded, and shared. In the process of copying, re-encoding and file sharing, the file names and related ID tags can easily be changed, or more commonly, stripped out and lost.

Mixing short recorded voice over messages of the song’s title, your artist name and domain name with the music, is extremely useful for listeners to identify the song and its source.

The recorded messages are repeated about each 10 to 30 seconds, as preferred, through the entire length of the song, at the end of song used you can invite your fans and listeners to visit your site to purchase your song or a commercial license.

The process is simple and easy, 10 mp3s can be watermarked in less than 1.15 mn. You could watermark a batch of 100 mp3s in less than 12 mn with a prefix text in front or back of your saved files. File format/ sample rate can be transformed in mp3 ( from 8 o 320 kbps stereo ) wav ( from 8k to 48k stereo ).

We have watermarked 10’s of 1,000’s of mp3’s with this tool; therefore,we have some ‘real life’ experience in bulk audio watermarking.

If you don’t watermark your music, Piracy will be so happy and it could well be used without your consent or knowledge, and you could be losing out on valuable sales, which I am sure would enhance to your continued creativity.

The vast majority of people may not even understand that you spent many hours composing and producing your music and that you are making a living from it. Others may understand but have no respect for it.

As a watermark that you can mix into your music track, you could simply add “This track is copyrighted…” “for more information please visit”. You can include your name, band’s name, or company name.

Promote your Music, Publish to the web, if listeners like your work they would contact you to purchase your music without the audio watermark.

If you’re a composer, producer, band, artist or music library, you should really consider audio watermarking your music. AudioWatermarker V5 will give you peace of mind.

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