6 warm and uplifting tracks for videos

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Grooving and happy, featuring bright sounds, flowing electric guitar, floating synths chops and bouncy drum beats that creates a confident and positive mood. Warm and sunny.


A perfect love

Warm and uplifting, featuring catchy guitar arpegios, synthesizers, and energetic drums creating a positive, feel-good mood. Grooving and confident

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For love

Warm and bouncy track, featuring arpegios, guitar, grooving synth bass and pulsing synth drums that create a stylish, feel-good mood.

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Free over me

Inspiring and grooving, featuring pulsing synthesizers, electric guitar and programmed drums that create a hip happy mood.

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I’m fed up

Pulsing and bright, featuring groovy electric guitar, synthesizer, bass, brass, and drums that create a proud, happy mood.

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Bouncy and positive piece, featuring hip synthesizers, bass, bells, and beats that create a happy,  feel-good mood.

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Young and united

Confident and warm, featuring pulsing bass, electric guitar, modern synthesizers and drums that create a proud, feel-good mood.

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