Whether it’s a blockbuster, a family-friendly movie or an emotional film, I compose, custom score and sound design your next trailer


“PROPHECY”  is a collection of explosive, powerful, aggressive, sinister and heavy sound design tracks with big epic brass, Choir, expressive strings, modern synth elements and syncopated patterns, massive epic booms, destructive risers and impacts.

Loaded with fierce, hard-hitting and apocalyptic sounds from the depth of hell. Dark, Sinister, Apocalyptic and Massive.A hybrid explosion of edgy percussive sound design.

With cutting edge Cinematic hybrid Effects such as Boomers, Distortions, Downers, Impacts Mega-Horns, Risers, Transforming Sounds, Whooshes, Drones, Smashing Impacts, Distortions and Risers, De- and Crescendo

Ideal for motion picture, action, thriller, adventure, trailers, advertising campaigns

Music composed and arranged by Dan Foster.

Album can be purchased here (Please Note, that your music purchase here includes rights for personal listening only)



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Act of Courage



Defend yourself


Final Daze

From dust to life

Galactic Empire

Infiltration (with duduk)



Mistaravim (with Duduk)

Out of hte shadows


Reteurn of the Forgotten

Rise above



We have no fear

We the Brave

We will live